Intermediate Method

Intermediate Method consists of two books:

INTERMEDIATE REST STROKE (Luse Sampler tracks 29-47) explores:Further technique, scales, exercises and pieces in traditional major and minor guitar keys.

Two kinds of left hand slurs: Traditional left hand slurs (notes played evenly) are learned first, followed by slurs with “short phrase” interpretation, that is, slurs played with the same expression as on mainstream instruments.

INTERMEDIATE FREE STROKE (Luse Sampler tracks 1-28) applies modern editing to a comprehensive sampling of traditional, 19th century repertoire. Interpretation is based on what I think of as the synergy of colluding principles (See Luse Sampler essay “Guitar Evolution by Fits and Starts”).

Bar technique progresses through tuneful exercises for bars of two, three, four and five strings, culminating in the full or six string bar.

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