Basic Method

Basic Method consists of three books:

THUMB – Worth its weight in plectrums, the thumb is simpler, stronger and far more flexible to start than when starting i-m. Perpendicular thumb force, reinforced by deep arm power enables a well-differentiated 1-2 to be achieved, often within the first lesson.

Metric accents, articulation (including “default” sonorities for scales and chords, dynamics and short and long phrases (see below) are covered, in addition to a thorough grounding in basic music notation and fingering as well as notes in first position.

Happy thumb! More sobering though, basic rest stroke and free stroke mechanics (to say nothing of an accent pattern) may require far longer developing. Separate formatting enables BASIC REST STROKE and BASIC FREE STROKE to be implemented when and as deemed individually appropriate, while main development continues in THUMB.

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