Singapore Guitar Quartet (1985-91)

The Singapore Guitar Quartet consisted of Robert Luse, Yeo Tiong Kiat, Gillian Tan and Lilly Leong. The following material is an account of the quartet’s activities during its active period from 1985 to 1991.

Singapore performances:

Regional Tours:


One Response to Singapore Guitar Quartet (1985-91)

  1. Dusan Bogdanovic says:

    Dear Rob,

    Thanks for the CD and sorry about this delay. I finally listened to your CD. The whole Cd is very charming and I understand that it is a labor of love and of nostalgia for the fleeting…

    That said, the playing is really good and I did notice all the things that are typical for your work: an excellent orchestration (I especially enjoyed the “virtuoso harmonics”), the use of colors, which is not so common for this generation of guitar players as well as the excellent use of articulations and respect for dynamics. I also like the “retro” aspect of the recording that was transplanted from cassettes; it does sound a bit like the old Buster Keaton movie music. I also liked very much your own piece. It’s very humorous, original and quirky, but certain parts are very powerful and expressive, such as your John Henry, where you have a memorable use of harmonic textures in the bass. As far as other pieces, I liked the Joplin and Ravel very much. Of course, Pavane is one of my favorite pieces and it’s very meaningful to hear those great basses. I admit that the high register guitar always sounds a bit like a mandolin, but it is our relative and it fits into the “family” concept. Talking of family, I have heard something similar once in San Francisco-it was an Australian guitar ensemble called “Guitar Trek” with Tim Kaine as the leader, and they used a very similar concept in guitar ensemble instrumentation. Of course, it is a relief to hear the whole range.

    Best regards,