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“I’ve always had a thing for classical guitar, mainly the image of it being an extremely romantic and sensual instrument, and also the possibility of being able to create melodious and captivating tunes once mastering the fine art of guitar playing. I am just as much in love with the practice as before I began. No doubt the learning process is getting more tedious, I am enjoying it immensely. I have been learning guitar for about 2 years now, with just over a year with Robert (my previous tutor was in Sydney where I was living). It’s been good fun as Robert is an extremely encouraging and patient tutor with an interesting sense of humor. I admire his determination and persistence in the practice. Am definitely looking forward to progressing in The Method with Robert. Yeap…..grow old together…..

William and Zoe

“Zoe and I started on the method 9 months ago. We’ve both made real progress. SImply, the method works as billed. It’s not about what you can play, but how you play it. Technically, the physical effort of getting untrained fingers to do difficult things is taken slowly. But the intellectual problem of learning how the notes should sound, how they should interact, is dealt with early and effectively. I can already see how this will pay off later.

“The method works for adults as well as children, and Robert Luse’s recommendation that parents should learn alongside children is well worth considering. It has certainly helped us, and made the whole process great fun.”


I’m fourteen years old and I’ve been playing the guitar for almost a year and a half now. I started playing at the age of 12, right after my PSLE. At first. I was actually considering learning how to play the violin, due to the ease of transportation and the prospectsof playing in the church band after mastering it. However I changed my mind and decided to play the guitar after entering YM or my youth ministry in church, primarily because the songs played there have a ‘pop’ structure. Other influences were my friends, particularly Arthur, who introduced me to Mr Luse.

“My main problems in playing the guitar are my nails, practicing regularly, my expression and my counting. Although these problems may seem trivial, they have plagued me since I started playing the guitar. Mr Luse also hold workshops (or performances) every year. To date I have participated in three workshops. Before each workshop, I am very nervous. This compels me to practice more regularly. Unfortunately this ‘compulsion’ to practice regularly fades after each workshop.

“Nevertheless, I have found the guitar an interesting instrument to play and I have not regretted taking it up. After mastering the classical guitar I hope I can progress to either electric or acoustic guitar.”


“There is something magical and enchanting about the guitar. Putting a finger on what exactly that something is would be impossible, but it is the never-ending journey to finding the answer that is most intriguing of all.

“My journey began just about 9 months ago, when I set foot into the guru’s residence with an old hand-me-down guitar in hand. Having quite an extensive background in classical violin and piano, I was initially quite surprised that despite this, I was asked to play single notes on the guitar, one crotchet at a time. But I soon realized even one note decently depended on holding the guitar correctly, accurately orienting the right hand, etc. etc., not as easy as it first seemed. In fact, I have yet to master playing with a beautiful tone consistently.

“In addition to this, I am beginning to appreciate the Luse Method’s emphasis on performance culture. The recent workshop that I was fortunate enough to participate in has surprisingly altered my view on my personal ability to perform competently in front of a live audience. Being encouraged to perform during lessons on a regular basis to simulate the ‘larger’ event has helped to build my confidence. What was once merely a public display of an epic battle of the nerves has now evolved into a shared musical experience enjoyed by performer and audience alike. The performance jitters still lurk, but it is no longer the all-consuming, paralyzing fear that it once was. I am learning to embrace the adrenalin!

“In this short span of just a few months, the guitar has taught me quite a number of lessons, but most significantly, the beginnings of patience and discipline: Patience in realizing that results do not come instantaneously, and discipline in living out the fact that almost nothing can be achieved without focused, sustained practice.

“I am sure the guitar has an infinite number of life-lessons in store for me, and I look forward to the journey that waits. I am eagerly anticipating the ups and downs of learning the guitar through a man who wants nothing more than to bring out the musician guitarist in each of his students. I trust it will be one heck of a ride!”


“I am Nisha, 13. I have enjoyed music for as long as I can remember.

“My formal music education began with south Indian carnatic vocal lessons and ballet. Subsequently I learnt the piano and bharata natyam, India’s five thousand year old classical dance form. After six years of playing the piano I wanted to move on to something different.

“I am fortunate to have met Mr Luse and enjoy playing the guitar although I have very little time.

“At this time in my life I think that guitar, carnatic vocal and bharata natyam are likely to become my lifetime companions. Music adds colour to my life.”


“I am Adam, 8 years old. I wanted to study the guitar because I wanted to play an instrument from the string family. I’ve been studying the guitar for 8 months. After the first month I wanted to quit because it was too hard but Mr Luse encouraged me and so I played in the workshop. I really enjoyed it and received a lot of compliments about my playing. Now I want to keep on playing the guitar.”


“I am Jade, 9 years old. I’ve been playing the guitar for 8 months. I like playing it because music to my ears makes me want to dance. My favourite instrument was always the guitar, that’s why I wanted to learn it and also so I can play it for my family. I loved the workshop because I like playing for others. My dream is to play like Mr Luse one day.”


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