The Music of Elvin Johns

Introduction by Bruno Goh Luse

Elvin Johns and my father Robert Luse first met in 1957 at a meeting of the Orlando classic guitar society. Since then they have been friends and sojourners together on the lifelong journey that is music. As a child I remember hearing many a taped letter from Elvin being played in my father’s studio, and I had the privilege of meeting Elvin in 1994 when we visited him in France. The music that we present on these pages represents the last project that my father worked on before on his death in July 2015, and as such has special meaning for all of us who knew Robert. Elvin is not only a superb guitar player, he is also a most excellent writer, and he has agreed to release the text of his recently-completed autobiography along with the videos my father and I worked on.

Part 1 (Shady Grove)
Part 2 (Hoochie Coochie Man)
Part 3 (Georgia on My Mind)
Part 4: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
Part 5: Summertime
Part 6: Muddy Water Blues
Part 7: Goin’ down slow (Oden)
Part 8: Haunted House Blues

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