1982 Performances

Solo Performances 1982

Performances of original compositions from the Robert Luse Guitar Method.

Robin Macatangay: Con Spirito, Compass de Espana, Cantabile, Dwarf Dance.
Martin Kramer: The Discarded Doll, Sally Lightfoot
Patrick Chan: Allegro molto, Prelude, Mac’s Great New Motor
Winnie Foo: Two Asian Sketches (Poco movimento, Allegro)
Gillian Tan: A Quiet Study, The Enchanted Eider
Leonard Tan: Arpeggio Study in E Minor

Concerto in D by A. Vivaldi

Coming soon!

Concerto in A by F. Carulli

Coming soon!

Celestial Vivaldi (premier performance)

A double concerto for alto guitars plus guitar ensemble, this work parodies the well known concerto in D by Vivaldi. It is a good-natured and humorous work full of unexpected twists and collisions between the two main themes (or characters), Vivaldi and that rascal of more recent times, Willy the Weeper.

I: Allegro guistro – The Celestial Kapellmeister recalls with fondness his former days as a baroque composer.

II: Largo – While still on earth, Willy indulged once too often in things he shouldn’t. Now he timidly approaches the formidable Kapellmeister for an audition…

III: Willy is accepted and soon blends his humble voice into the Kapellmeister’s grand choir of the spheres.

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