9th April 2015: Celestial Vivaldi by Robert Luse (1982 premier performance)

A double concerto for alto guitars plus guitar ensemble, this work parodies the well known concerto in D by Vivaldi. It is a good-natured and humorous work full of unexpected twists and collisions between the two main themes (or characters), Vivaldi and that rascal of more recent times, Willy the Weeper.

I: Allegro guistro – The Celestial Kapellmeister recalls with fondness his former days as a baroque composer.

II: Largo – While still on earth, Willy indulged once too often in things he shouldn’t. Now he timidly approaches the formidable Kapellmeister for an audition…

III: Willy is accepted and soon blends his humble voice into the Kapellmeister’s grand choir of the spheres.

Part of the 1982 Music for Everyone concert, presented by the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Sunday 4th April at the Victoria Concert Hall.

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